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LED solutions for Project Management

At LED Lighting Distributors our staff work with Architects, Engineers and Project Managers on a daily basis. Our philosophy is to provide a solution that best suits the environment and the end user.

We ensure that our clients are provided with options for specified and alternative products so that you have a choice on the product that best meets your needs.

At LEDLD we are committed to providing solutions to our customers and can work with our manufacturing partners to design a tailored solution as and when required.

Project Management

Product solutions for Project Management

How efficient is your lighting setup?

It is crucial to have the correct amount of lighting.

If you purchase large volumes of lighting, you may be over servicing or supplying.  This could simply be a waste of money and furthermore the operating costs will increase.  Under supply also has risks, so it is essential the lighting layout is planned and designed to suit.

We understand your requirements and design to your specific needs.

LED Lighting Distributors Lighting Layout ensures you’re running the most efficient lighting setup.

Contact LED Lighting Distributors about a lighting layout assessment.

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The LED Lighting Distributors difference

We have been affiliated with the property industry for over 30 years

Full LED product range

Our products have high energy efficiency which means there is a reduction in both energy consumption and electricity cost.


Fully tested and certified for use in Australia and New Zealand.


Dimming and networking options, lighting system compatible with DALI PSU, motion-sensor compatible.


No UV light, no hazardous materials in construction, low level EMI, and low heat generation.

High quality light

White and warm colours, high lumen output, high colour rendering index (CRI) and superior light distribution.


Ability to design and manufacture LED lighting products specific to client needs.


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