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CL59 Downlight

The CL59 downlight boasts very impressive looks with its shallow recess and has excellent performance.

The extensive range covers sizes from 80mm through to 280mm diameter and have IP44 waterproof models.

1-10v and DALI dimming options are available. The CL59 has a model for almost every application.

Model number Power consumption Colour Temperature Lumen Dimensions
CLT-CL59-2-7W 7W 2700K – 5000K 430 -480 W 80mm H 39mm
CLT-CL59-2.5-10W 10W 2700K – 5000K 685 – 730 W 85mm H 39mm
CLT-CL59-3-10W 10W 2700K – 5000K 685 – 730 W 110mm H 38mm
CLT-CL59-3-13W 13W 2700K – 5000K 850 – 950 W 110mm H 38mm


2700K – 5000K 850 – 950 W 145mm H 38mm
CLT-CL59-4-18W 18W 2700K – 5000K 1320 – 1450 W 145mm H 38mm
CLT-CL59-5-18W 18W 2700K – 5000K 1400 – 1550 W 170mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-5-25W 25W 2700K – 5000K 1850 – 2100 W 170mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-6-18W 18W 2700K – 5000K 1430 – 1560 W 190mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-6-25W 25W 2700K – 5000K 1930 – 2130 W 190mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-6-35W 35W 2700K – 5000K 2600 – 2830 W 190mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-8-18W 18W 2700K – 5000K 1390 – 1540 W 228mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-8-25W 25W 2700K – 5000K 1900 – 2130 W 228mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-8-35W 35W 2700K – 5000K 2590 – 2790 W 228mm H 45mm
CLT-CL59-10-45W 45W 2700K – 5000K 3600 – 4050 W 280mm H 52mm


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Dimming and networking options, lighting system compatible with DALI PSU, motion-sensor compatible.


No UV light, no hazardous materials in construction, low level EMI, and low heat generation.

High quality light

White and warm colours, high lumen output, high colour rendering index (CRI) and superior light distribution.


Ability to design and manufacture LED lighting products specific to client needs.


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